Research Projects

This page gives an overview of the research projects I achieved or was involved in.

Community Detection

2010 - 2012

Imperial College London, London, UK

Community detection in large networks (or graphs) with multi-scale (or multi-resolution) analysis and various global and local quality criteria. Investigation of stability optimisation using the communities quality measure stability based on a Markov chain representation of graphs.

Systemic Computation (Doctorate)

2006 - 2010

University College London, London, UK

Investigating and Analysing Natural Properties Enabled by Systemic Computation within Nature-inspired Computer Models.

Fugitive Moments


University College London, London, UK

Creation within a neural scientific and artistic context of an original evolutionary adaptive system to study relationships between mind, body and environment. Applications with real and synthesized abstract pictures.

Constraints Decoupling

check_program( RelationsFile
Violations ) :- ...


Paris 6, Paris, France

Decoupling constraints checking with Prolog in Java programs.

C Code Inliner

int a = ..., b=a;
b += ...;
return a/b;


IRISA, Rennes, France

The objective of this research work was to create a C code inliner in order to boost the execution speed of C code. The final aim was to use the outputted monofile C code as the source code to compile for embedded systems.


2001 - 2002

IRISA, Rennes, France

JMutator tool was designed to test Java classes with a method of test "the mutation method". Roughly the method consists in injecting errors inside a Java program, using mutants of some of its classes, and then analysing the program's behaviour at runtime to test its robustness.