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This website contains a bunch of stuff mostly related to computer science and especially research in this field.

I am now working as a software engineer for Google in Mountain View, California. Before, I was a post-doc research associate at Imperial College London in the field of network science and focussing on community detection. The research and publications sections give an overview of this research and prior research I have done at University College London. The programming section includes a selection of some other computer science projects I have achieved or participated in so far.

My research interests evolve around optimisation algorithms, network science, complex systems, and nature-inspired computation. These fields actively contribute to broader fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or knowledge discovery. I also take a particular interest in graphics generation, photography, and nature related themes. I have a strong background in software engineering and really enjoy designing and developing. In my research work I always provide algorithm implementations or homemade software associated with the publications.

I have been working at Imperial College London on network analysis by developing community detection algorithms that can efficiently uncover with no prior knowledge the relevant community structures of large networks across scales (or resolutions). More about this work can be found on the community detection page.

I completed my doctorate at University College London (UCL) in nature-inspired computation. My thesis investigated the recent nature-inspired paradigm systemic computation (SC) and debated significant potential implications of nature-inspired computation for computer science and modern technologies. It also involved the closely related fields of evolutionary computation and artificial life. More about this work work can be found on my SC page and on the SC wiki.

Prior to this I have been involved in research in artificial intelligence and sci-art, software engineering, languages, compilation and code optimisation. I also take a particular interest in graphics generation, photography as well as geography and nature related fields.

Away from the machine I love nature, the presence of the sea, hiking, snowboarding, travelling, experiencing the life of other cultures... I am very passionate about Celtic music and play the acoustic guitar. I also love martial arts and practices Soo Bahk Do, a traditional Korean martial art.